Mendota Insurance Company

Mendota Insurance Company has been in the business of providing quality insurance since 1989.  In order to drive you must have automobile insurance to protect your investment from all the hazards that you face when you venture onto the road.  Mendota Insurance Company is there to customize a plan to fit your exact needs.  No two drivers, families or situations are the same so Mendota works with you to develop exactly the plan you need for your situation.  Besides auto insurance Mendota Insurance Company also provides flood insurance.  You never know when catastrophe could strike and your home could be flooded.  Mendota can help to protect your home in the event of a flood.

Customer service is key

Mendota Insurance Company knows that your time and your assets are both valuable.  We strive to always be available when you call by having multiple agents available with very low hold times so that you can contact an agent quickly.  Our agents are all professionals who can answer your questions knowledgeably and quickly. All of our policies are competitively priced and there are many convenient options for you to pay for your policy.  We offer 24/7/365 availability when you must file a claim.  Accidents never happen at convenient times so it’s nice to know that you will have prompt service if you need to file a claim.  A toll free number is available if you need to contact customer service.

If you prefer to work online our website allows you to quickly quote a policy by entering all key information.  When you have a policy with Mendota Insurance Company you can manage your policy through our online system.  Our system allows you to review your policy, see payment history, view claims and even set up email notifications so that your policy does not lapse inadvertently.

Auto insurance

We all need insurance in order to legally drive our cars but insurance offers more benefits than avoiding a ticket.  When you get a policy tailored to your specific needs from Mendota Insurance Company you can rest assured that it will meet your specific needs.  Mendota can even help you to obtain insurance if you have been denied insurance from other companies.  No matter what your situation Mendota Insurance Company can customize a plan for you.

Flood insurance

Buying a home can be difficult but if you must have flood insurance in order to complete the purchase then it’s good to know that Mendota Insurance Company is there to help you get the policy that will work for you.  Our agents are knowledgeable in all the requirements you must meet in order to buy flood insurance for you home.  They can help you to navigate the paperwork and elevation certifications that you will need to complete.

Mendota Insurance Company is an experience company that is financially backed by Kingsway Financial Services.  With this backing you know that they will be there you in the event of an emergency.  Mendota’s expert agents can customize an auto or flood insurance plan to meet your specific insurance needs.